Espresso Shot Marketing

Diana Cacy Hawkins

Creative Strategist & Marketing Advisor

Prepare now for the best Black Friday / Cyber Monday season ever.

The Fall Special Deal

Maximize your revenue and get the most of our your marketing campaigns this year.

Tap into the proven techniques that make your business the number one place to shop this upcoming season.

When we work together, I’ll design a solid business plan to help make your customers happy to shop with you. We’ll optimize your marketing plan to get your offers in front of the right audience.

People want to buy, but you’re not giving them enough opportunities to shop. We can fix that.

We’ll improve your customer experience strategy

  • Increase customer touch points
  • Keep engagement up
  • Reduce abandoned carts
  • Increase repeat sales
  • Retain new customers

Limited spots are open now.

Have A Strong 2023 Shopping Season

Stop leaving money on the table and rejuvenate your sales this year.

Diana is amazing! She has been an irreplaceable asset when it comes to copywriting and designing a marketing strategy. Her contribution to our clients’ success cannot be overstated.


Account Manager, Hustler Marketing

Diana has an approach to copywriting which very few people do, she thinks beyond the words and delivers also a coherent structure that works amazingly with design making my work so much easier. Her writing style allows me to complement her creative process with mine, and the results are always outstanding. I expect nothing but quality from her, and she’s by far the best copywriter I’ve worked with.


Design Lead, Hustler Marketing

Diana is very professional and makes collaborating on projects easy and efficient. She is transparent throughout the process and is open to suggestions and feedback. Every time we work with Diana we can expect quality work and fast turnaround.

Johnny Nieves

Copy Chief